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Cyanobacteria Image Gallery presenting over 200 beautiful images or videos of cyanobacteria. With thumbnails (longer download).
Or Without thumbnails (shorter download).

The Toxic Cyanobacteria Homepage with information about cyanobacterial toxins.

Cyanobacteria Links Library, a curated list of cyanobacterial websites with annotations.

Cyanobacteria Bibliography CyBib Archive, a searchable curated cyanobacterial bibliography of 25,000 field-tagged references through 2002.


Media Recipes for Culturing Cyanobacteria

Experimental Protocols

Taxonomy of Cyanobacteria

History of Cyanosite including the first on-line version of Cyanosite from 1995 and archival pages


Great website on toxic cyanobacterial blooms; loaded with practical information for the general public.

Cyanosite was awarded a two-year grant from the The Waksman Foundation for Microbiology to support an undergraduate stipend. The work-study student helped to maintain CyBib and weblinks while adding useful information to the site. We are most appreciative of this opportunity for substantial practical improvement of the site.


Cyanosite Awards


Cyanosite is dedicated to information transfer within the cyanobacterial research community maintaining archives of images, experimental protocols, taxonomic information, and general information about blue-green algae, and links to other cyanobacterial, prochlorophyte, and cyanelle sites on the web. What you can do to help Cyanosite.

Questions and comments can be directed to: Dr. Mark A. Schneegurt, mark.schneegurt@wichita.edu

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This archival page of Cyanosite is no longer updated. The current equivalent page is located here.