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CyBib Archive is the final (2002) update (version 5) of a curated cyanobacterial bibliography with 25,000 field-tagged records.

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CyBib Archive for use as an offline bibliographic database can be downloaded as a zipped plain text file with references in Refer/BibIX format (with tagged fields) for import into standard reference managing programs.

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About CyBib Archive

CyBib Archive is a curated bibliographic database exclusively for scientific literature about cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) through 2002. The entire database has been archived as a potential a resource for researchers and students involved with cyanobacteria.

CyBib Archive is the seventh generation (version 5) online database containing 25,000 references. These literature citations were collected in large part by Jeff Elhai, known for his Internet outreach work as the founder, editor, and publisher of CyanoNews. The other contributors are too numerous to name.

CyBib Archive contains only references to studies on cyanobacteria and Prochlorons. Articles merely related to cyanobacteria (e.g., molecular methods, plant photosynthesis, freshwater ecology) are not cited here. The database is most comprehensive from 1980, although many earlier references also are included. The most recent references cover parts of 2002.

CyBib Archive is provided to the public as freeware. It is intended for educational purposes.

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