Cyanobacteria Media Recipes

What followed was a long list of links to media recipes. The current version of this page can be found here. The archival Cyanosite pages will no longer be updated.

Ancient Browsers

Index of Medium Recipes for Older Browsers. This set of recipes is presented in a format that is without tables and without special characters. If you are using Netscape v1.0, 1.2, or 1.2N or Explorer v1.0 or Mosaic, then you should use these pages. If you are unsure which recipe pages are right for you, then go to the test page.


If you have a recipe for a cyanobacteria medium that does not appear on these pages, please submit it to Cyanosite. The webspinner is aware that there are countless medium recipes in the literature. Only media that are currently in use by researchers will be added to these pages.


These media recipes are presented as a public service. Cyanosite is not responsible for errors or other problems you may encounter with these recipes. These recipes are not being supported by Cyanosite. References to the literature are not available on this site. No details beyond those presented are available from Cyanosite. Suggestions as to the proper media for your application will not be made. Do not send technical questions to the webmaster.

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