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Disclaimer and Acknowledgements

The images in this gallery are uncopyrighted freeware and are provided for educational purposes. Please contact the webmaster before using any of these images in a published work. A policy for image usage has been established. Images from Cyanosite have appeared in many publications including textbooks, review articles, and news reports. The images also have been used for presentations and museum exhibits worldwide.

Many of these images were taken from field samples. The measurements are approximate and not reliable for taxonomic use. It is hoped that the images will provide field technicians with some help in recognizing the creatures in the samples they have collected. Many of these pictures illustrate certain characteristics that are important in the ongoing discussion of morphological determination of cyanobacteria. Beggiatoa and "Chloroflexus" are not cyanobacteria, but they are included here because they are found in the same habitats as cyanobacteria, and because they could be confused with cyanobacteria. If you disagree with the taxonomic designations given here please submit your comments for inclusion.

The Webspinner is very grateful to those that have provided images to Cyanosite. Submission of additional images is always welcome. A policy for image usage is also available.

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What followed was a long list of images without thumbnails. The current version of this page is here.

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