Image Usage Policy

Cyanosite is happy to provide images for its users to present in a variety of formats, including but not limited to, theses, review articles, books, websites, brochures, exhibits, videos, CD-ROMs, textbooks, and other media. Nominal fees may apply in rare cases. In the past, permission has been granted for both educational and for-profit usage. The decision is made on a case-by-case basis. Although Cyanosite obtains implicit rights to distribute its images to other users, a good-faith effort is made to contact the image contributor for explicit permission for any specific usage.

The procedure for procuring permission for a specific usage is simple. First, browse the image database and select images of interest to you. Then copy down the filenames of the images and email them to Cyanosite. An effort will then be made to contact the original contributor. This process often takes a week, although in most cases the contributor is known well enough to predict the outcome. Final permission is then sent (via email) with any forms that you may require (via FAX or mail). Please do not contact the contributors directly. Cyanosite has been asked to act as a buffer to limit hassles for these gracious (and busy) contributors.

Cyanosite asks very little for this service. The images must be properly credited. The citation must include the URL of Cyanosite. The credit statement will be supplied when final permission is granted. At least one copy of the final product must be sent for the server's records.

Cyanosite has been fortunate enough to contribute dozens of images over the years for worthy purposes. It has been a pleasure and an honor. It is hoped that Cyanosite can meet your image needs.

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