How You Can Help Cyanosite Grow

The Department of Biological Sciences at Purdue University is graciously allowing the development of Cyanosite to advance research on cyanobacteria worldwide. Although the developers have ample computer power and access, actual manhours are limited. Some materials may be gathered by the developers, but this will surely not be enough to make this a truly valuable webserver.

We are asking the cyanobacterial research community to assist in this effort. Ask yourself what you would like to see on Cyanosite. Do you have information that may be valuable to the community? We are interested in all types of documents, including protocols, databases, bibliographies, teaching materials, and interesting images.

You don't have to be a computer wizard to contribute. We have the ability here to convert almost any document into an on-line resource. We prefer that documents be sent electronically, by email or on diskette. But we can handle hard-copies of images as well. Any format is acceptable, but we do have preferences. Text documents should be submitted as PlainText or ASCII. Images can be submitted as PICT, GIF, or JPEG.

To submit materials or for further information contact: Dr. Mark A. Schneegurt,

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