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For more information about toxic cyanobacteria and related subjects:

  • Why not visit Cyanolab at Portland State University, or the University of California (Berkeley),Museum of Paleontology , to learn a little more about cyanobacteria.

  • Cyanosite is again up and running and looking for submissions. All you Cyanobacteriologists out there with information to share, check out this site.

      Cyanosite also has a comprehensive links page for Cyanobacteriologists.

  • The CSIRO Division of Water Resources (Australia) and their Microbiology Discipline Group.
      CSIRO - DWR Waterlink newsletter.

  • Visit the Australian National Research Centre for Environmental Toxicology (NRCET) for information on toxicology research in Australia.

  • How do microcystins bind to protein phosphatases? Find out here

  • Got a bloom in your dam or pond? Visit this site for some useful tips.

  • Foundation for Water Research has a report on its the recent Algal Toxins Research Forum and further links to information on toxic cyanobacterial research.

  • View the 3D structure of microcystin-LR and related compounds. Just search for microcystin (or other compound) at the index page. Best viewed on a PPC or Pentium machine and your www browser needs the appropriate plug-ins. All you need for viewing can be found here.

  • More specific, biochemical information about Microcystis aeruginosa . Information about the cyanobacterial genetics model, Synechocystis PCC 6803, can be found at Cyanobase.

  • The Toxic Newsletter, apart from information on other toxic substances, has a review on Wayne Carmichael's Scientific American article "The Toxins of Cyanobacteria" (Jan. 1994).

  • Issues of the cyanobacteriologist's newsletter, CyanoNews.

  • The Culture Collection of Algae and Protozoa.

  • The University of Toronto Culture Collection (UTCC)

  • Find out more about photosynthesis at the ASU Photosynthesis Center.

  • Issues and information from the internet discussion group Phycotoxins.

  • There are a lot of useful links to be found at the Bioremediation Discussion Group

  • It's still under construction but keep an eye open for the new Cylindrospermopsis raciborskii page.

  • Read about environmental toxicology research, involving cyanobacterial toxins, at The University of Konstanz.

  • Find out about the VIII International Conference on Harmful Algae which was held in Vigo (Spain) 25 - 29 June 1997. A search for abstracts is also available.

  • The 4th International Conference on Toxic Cyanobacteria (4th ICTC) is to be held in Beaufort, NC, USA between 27 Sept and 1st Oct this year. Information regarding the conference program and abstracts is now available.

  • Read the article "New Understanding of Algae" in Environmental Health Perspectives Volume 107, Number 1, January 1999 on the outcome of the recent meeting in Beaufort.

  • Mark Schneegurt (Cyanosite) and Jeff Elhai (CyanoNews) have compiled CyBib v1.0, a bibliographical database for scientific literature related to cyanobacteria. CyBib v2.0 is also now available, as well as a CyBib v1.0 -> CyBib v2.0 upgrade. It's well worth downloading.

  • For information about blooms in the Baltic Sea, visit AlgaLine

  • Or visit the Information Office for the Baltic Proper in Sweden. This link contains useful information on the potential risks of blooms in the Baltic and up to date information on blooms in the area. Well worth a visit.

  • If you can't find what you're after here, why not do a search;

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