PDF of CyanoNews Volume 12 Number 1


Volume 12 Number 1 January 1996

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* Cyanos meet the World Wide Web

* Summer course: Organization and Assembly of the Photosynthetic Apparatus

* Books

* Meetings

* Positions Sought, Positions Available


* Comings and goings of ourselves

* Utrecht Cyanobacterial Group


* Clue found to mystery of swimming Synechococcus

* Alternative to alternative oxidase

* Codon usage by Synechocystis PCC 6803

* Cyanobacteria quantitated by competitive PCR

* Blue-greens on the rocks

* Nostoc 6720 unmasked!

* Peptide synthetase genes found in toxic Microcystis

* Blue-greens bring death to millions? A possible connection with cholera

* New phylogenetic trees from 16S rRNA


* Cyanobacterial Molecular Biology Workshop

* Cyanobacteriology Seminar for Students




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