Directory of Cyanobacteriologists 


                                 (February 1995) 


The   Directory  of   Cyanobacteriologists  contains   an  alphabetical   and 

geographical listing  of cyanobacteriologists: their  addresses, communiation 

ports, and  research interests. Please send  any additions or  corrections to 

the address  below. In particular, please  make sure your  research interests 

are  current and that  telephone and  fax numbers are  given with  the proper 

country and city codes.  ... and while you're  at it, why not send  some news 

for the newsletter? 


       Maria Ow & Jeff Elhai 

       Department of Biological Sciences 

       Florida International University 

       University Park Campus 

       Miami FL 33199  U.S.A. 


       (Tel) 305-348-3584 

       (Fax) 305-348-1986 

       (E-Mail) Cyano@Servax.Fiu.Edu 



The directory contained contact information and specialty for hundreds of scientists which are not shown. There is no current equivalent of this page.