Review of Cyanosite in Protist

July 2001
Protist 152(2):113

Some Marine Protists of Ill-Repute

This web alert will describe several sites dealing with marine protists, including dinoflagellates, diatoms, algae, and their biological and ecological effects. Two sites about cyanobacteria and one about seaweeds are also included in this report in line with the "marine" theme.

Cyanosite: a Webserver for Cyanobacterial Research

As stated in the text, this is the "premier web site for cyanobacteria research", and has been online since 1995 (a history of the site is actually provided together with the "vintage website" as well as some spooky webcounter data at hits.html!). The site has links to an Image Gallery with over 200 micrographs, to experimental protocols, culture media recipes, and a directory of cyanobiologists with hyperlinked email address.

- - Larry Simpson

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