The Great Escape

Escape Video

This video animation shows how a filamentous cyanobacterium uses its sheath and ability to move to defend itself against a ciliate grazer. Such features form the basis of inducible defense described in detail in Fialkowska & Pajdak-Stos (1997) 'Inducible defence against a ciliate grazer, Pseudomicrothorax dubius, in two strains of Phormidium (cyanobacteria)', Proceedings of Royal Society London B, 264:937-941. The video should run about 16 seconds.

The images in this movie were graciously contributed by:
Edyta Fialkowska and Agnieszka Pajdak-Stos, The Jagiellonian University, Institute of Environmental Biology, Department of Hydrobiology, Oleandry 2a, 30-063 Krakow, Poland

Supported by Biological Sciences at Purdue University and by Wichita State University