Cyanosite Unclassified Links

Aquascience. Specialists in lake and wetland restoration, offering cyanobacteria control programs using barley straw, floating reedbeds and rafts.

Aquatic Biology, ancient non-html listing of Internet resources from 1994, including material beyond the WWW.

Cedar Eden Environmental LLC maintains a phytoplankton image library of organisms from Adirondack lakes that includes cyanobacteria. The site also contains a links library and information about the company's services.

Cyanobacteria Publications, experimental writing and the visual arts with botanical themes.

Cyanobacteria Virtual International Index, an artist collective, literature and art with botanical themes.

Cyano Biotech, a spin-off from Humboldt-University Berlin, are doing drug discovery from cyanobacteria, offer microcystin standards and other cyanobacterial natural products, as well as services, e.g. LC/MS characterisations. They are interested in having collaboration with researchers, also on a non-profit basis.

Green Water Lab, a division of BCI Engineers and Scientists in Lakeland, FL. Describes phycotoxin services available and has image gallery. Formerly CyanoLab.

Earthrise Farms, Spirulina farmers. Commercial site dedicated to Spirulina as a nutritional supplement.

Phycotech. A company that markets algal testing kits and phytoremediation products.

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