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Updated 15 January 2003
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Plausibly Asked Questions (PAQs)

How can I most effectively use this newsletter? By treating what you read as the beginning, not the end of the discussion. If you have thoughts on the topic, click on the name of the contact person or contact CyanoNews (upper right corner of page). If you want to find out more, click on references that are sometimes embedded, or click on the contact person.

How current is the news in this newsletter? News is posted as it is received (dates of posting are noted in the Table of Contents). Every so often, the oldest items are archived. The current newsletter consists of several months of news.

How does it get to be current? By readers contributing news.

What could I possibly contribute? Funny you should ask. (click here)

How do I get a printed copy of the CyanoNews?CyanoNews was published as a printed newsletter for its first 13 volumes. Most back issues are still available. Starting with Volume 14, the newsletter has been constructed for viewing on the web and embraces the connectivity of that medium. You can use the capacity of your web browser to print out specific items of interest, but a printed version of the entire newsletter does not exist.

The page looks funny. How do I make the words bigger/smaller? You have control over this. If you're using Netscape 3.0, click on Options, General Preferences, Fonts, Choose Fonts (proportional), then play with the font size.

Do I have to plow through all these questions to get to the newsletter? No (but that was the last one anyway). Just click on Table of Contents here or at the top of the page.