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Send CONTRIBUTIONS to one of the addresses listed below. There is no charge to receive the newsletter electronically, and you may receive the electronic version even weeks earlier than others would receive the printed version. To get on the ELECTRONIC MAILING LIST, send your name, telephone, fax, and E-mail numbers (if any), and a brief description of your research interests for inclusion in the next Directory of Cyanobacteriologists and the name and model number of printer(s) available to you. To obtain a PRINTED VERSION OF THE NEWSLETTER BY MAIL, send $10 U.S. (please, no checks except in U.S. currency) per year to Jeff Elhai, along with the same information mentioned above (except printer name). If it is difficult for you to send hard currency, send a note indicating your interest.


Steve Delaney

Department of Biotechnology,

University of New South Wales P.O. Box 1

Kensington, New South Wales

AUSTRALIA 2033 (Tel) 02-697-2056


Georg Schmetterer

Institut fur Physikalische Chemie,

Wahringerstrasse 42, A-1090 Wien

TEL: 43-1-31336-1548

E-MAIL: Georg.Schmetterer@UniVie.Ac.At


Neil Strauss

Dept. of Botany,

University of Toronto,

Toronto, Ontario M5S 1A1.

(Tel) 416-978-3532/5563

(Fax) 416-978-5878

(E-mail) Straus@Botany.UToronto.Ca


Chao-Tsi Tseng

Centre of Marine Sciences

Dept. of Biology

Nanjing University, Nanjing.

(Tel) 637551-2551

(Fax) 086025-302728


Nicole Tandeau de Marsac

Physiologie Microbienne

Institut Pasteur

29 rue du Dr. Roux

75724 Paris Cedex 15.

(Tel) 567-46-98


(EMail) NTMarsac@Pasteur.Fr


Wolfgang Lockau

Biologie, Humboldt-UniversitĄt,

Chaussestr. 117, D-10115 Berlin

TEL: 49-30-2897-2641

FAX: 49-30-2897-2641


Joe Thomas

Biotechnology Division

SPIC Science Foundation

110 Mount Road

Madras 600 032.

(Tel) 432342 (Fax) 432163


Elisha Tel-Or

Dept. of Agricultural Botany

The Hebrew University

Rehovot 76100

(Tel) 08-481262


Mario Tredici

Departimento di Scienze e Tecnologie

Alimentari e Microbiologiche.

Universita degli Studi di Firenze,

P.le.delle Cascine 27 51044 Firenze.

(Tel) 055-352051 (Fax) 055-330431

(E-mail) Tredici@Csma.Fi.Cnr.It


Luuc Mur

Laboratorium voor Microbiologie,

Universiteit voor Amsterdam

Nieuwe Achtergracht 127

1018 WS Amsterdam

(Tel) 31-20-525-7056

(Fax) 31-20-525-5802

(E-mail) A417LMur@Horus.Sara.NL


Olav Skulberg

Norwegian Institute for Water Research

P.O.box 69

Korsvall, N-0808

Oslo 8 NORWAY.

(Tel) 47 22 185266

(Fax) 47 22 185200


Tony Walsby

Dept. of Botany

University of Bristol

Bristol BS8 1UG.

(Tel) 0272-303030


Jeff Elhai

Dept. of Biology, University of Richmond

Richmond, Virginia 23173 U.S.A.

TEL: 1-804-289-8412

FAX: 1-804-289-8233

E-MAIL: Cyano@URVax.URich.Edu


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