Chlorophyll 1.03 Program

An implementation of a few chlorophyll (and phycobiliprotein) determination methods for cyanobacteria and higher plants. It speeds up routine calculations and reminds you of the correct wavelengths depending on the solvent you use for the extraction.

Version 1.03 now has color icons and the option of clearing the entry fields after each calculation (under the "File" menu), so as to save the step of erasing previous readings before entering the new ones. A bug was removed that was present in release 1.02, that would cause the application to quit when the Arnon 1949 method was called. Note: This program does not follow the International System in that numbers must be entered with periods instead of commas.

This program will only run on Macintosh computers that can work in the Classic environment. The program will only run on Macintosh computers with OS9x or older operating systems. This includes the Classic environment included with many OS10x machines. It is provided as a binhexed self-extracting archive. The download should open automatically with Stuffit Expander.

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Download Chlorophyll 1.0.3 (173K)

Pascal Meunier, Purdue University.