I've been researching the topic for a friend who has been eating the stuff 

for a while, has his daughter taking it, and wants to quit his job 

eventually to become a distributor for it.  Even though I can 

enthusiastically embrace much of what is being offered in the "alternative" 

arena, I'm always concerned about ingesting what one doesn't normally have 

opportunity to ingest -- at least on a daily basis.

Of particular interest to us are the comments about anatoxin-a's similarity 

to nicotine and cocaine.  Other toxic responses aside, if this is true (and 

assuming low or non-detect levels of toxin in the algae) then does it 

logically follow that daily consumption of SBGA could promote additiction?  

Presently, he is testing this (or is supposed to start today), by taking 

himself "off" SBGA for a one week period.  I think we're both familiar 

enough with withdrawl do decipher the distinction between physiological 

withdrawl and a simple change in diet (hmmm, children of the 60's, you 

know...), and I would challenge other SBGA-ers to try the same.  

Physchologically, it clearly has already had an effect: he is dreading this 

week.  For certain, I'd dread stopping something I like doing (or feeling), 

too, and I think one needs to be careful before they equate simple 

reluctance with psychological dependence. On the other hand, I think when 

consupmtion becomes compulsion, then we've got a problem. (Personally, I 

think he's afraid of the answer).

For my part, I'm willing enough to experiment and have given the stuff a 

try. So far, I have to say that it scares me.  The physiological response is 

a little bit too similar to my recollection of "speed" and tricyclic 

antidepressants, and the fuzzy taste in my mouth is definitely unpleasant.  

There's a bit of intestinal distress, hot/cold flashes, some congestion, and 

a sense of disorientation.  I'm told this will be temporary and that I am 

"detoxing" -- which I don't buy for a minute.  But perhaps this will go 

away, as it has for others, and I will become one of the converted 


From a distance, I find the whole SBGA thing a very interesting cutural 

phenomena.  It's fascinating, really.

Judy Hooper

Pima Research Co.

Tucson, AZ 85705