I have been eating SBGA products since early February 1996 and

they have transformed me for the better.  For two years, I had

been very sick with a chronic infection of the Cyto Megalo Virus

and the Epstein Barr virus, both of which are associated with

chronic fatigue syndrome.  I was so sick at one point that I lay

in bed about 16 hours per day for a month.  Even when I felt

"better" I slept an unrestful 10-12 hours per day and still

felt as if I hadn't had a good night's sleep.  I also had

constant, pounding headaches and stomach upsets.  I was

depressed and hardly able to work.  After two weeks of eating

SBGA, all my symptoms were gone.  I feel 20 years younger and

have resumed strenous exercises such as karate, which I had

quit because I had no endurance whatsoever.  I have not had

another headache, except on two occasions when I inadvertently

ate MSG-laced oriental foods, and my stomach is working very

well.  Besides that, I have a tremendous feeling of well-being,

mental clarity and focus.  I don't believe there can be anything

toxic about SBGA.  I have met people who have been eating SBGA

for many years and they look and feel great, from what they told

me.  If you wish to contact me personally, call me at