At this point, I am both confused and concerned with the Super Blue 

Green Algae.  My husband & I have been eating the algae & algae products 

since Feb. 96 with very good outward results.  My concern is for my two 

dogs, who both have developed cancerous tumors since eating the algae.  

One also has Auto Immune Disease.  I am NOT saying the algae caused 

these conditions, but how can we use our own "algae story" to promote 

the product without scientific proof, if we do not consider the negative 

things to be related to the algae also?  We cannot say the algae is 

great because it made me feel great (which it did) unless we are willing 

to evaluate the negative on the same scale.

Debbie (also a distributor in waiting to see the results before 

continung anything!)



John & Debbie A. Burns

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