Training Program

The training mission of this NSCORT is to provide a cadre of cross-trained graduates in space life sciences available for careers in government service, with industrial contractors to NASA, or for academic positions in which they might become future grantees of NASA in the Space Life Sciences, including the CELSS program. NSCORT investigators are encouraged to recruit trainees to their programs with expressed interest in possible careers in this interdisciplinary field, and who have citizenship or immigration status compatible with future career employment by the U.S. federal government, by contracting industries with security clearance, or by colleges and universities of this country. Undergraduate, graduate, and post-doctoral trainees work in the fields of environmental crop physiology, plant molecular biology, food science, human nutrition, and agricultural, chemical, and mechanical engineering. Cross-disciplinary training in NSCORT occurs in various ways: one way is through inter-laboratory collaboration; another way is by interaction with the systems analysts, who work with everyone; and by group collaborative discussions held periodically to discuss topics of common interest.

[Note the NSCORT is no longer active]

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