Gallery of Images from the former Purdue NSCORT in Bioregenerative Life Support 1990-1995

Examining Brassica

Commercial Controlled Environment Agriculture

Hyroponic Rice

Hyroponic Rice Closeup

Hydroponic Cowpea

Hydroponic Cowpea Closeup

Hydroponic Lettuce in Minitron

The Minitrons

Examining Callus

Plant Suspension-culture

Working with Cyanobacteria

Algal Mass Culture

Cyanobacteria in Airlift

Sampling Cyanobacteria

Micrograph of Cyanothece

Measuring Fat Content

Measuring Protein Content

Grinding Cowpeas

Small Animal Feeding Study

Outreach to the Classroom

Making Cowpea Pasta

In the Lab

Examining Fungal Culture

Using an HPLC

Oyster Mushrooms

Examining Callus

Transformed Rice from Callus

Transformed Rice Plants

Blue Reporter in Transformed Rice

Computer Simulations

Trainees at Seminar

Training in Action

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