Archive of the NASA Specialized Center for Research and Training on
Controlled Ecological Life Support Systems (CELSS)
At Purdue University 1990-1995

Purdue University was host to the NASA Specialized Center for Research and Training (NSCORT) in Bioregenerative Life Support from 1990 to 1995. This multi-disciplinary research center was dedicated to the design and development of Bioregenerative and Controlled Ecological Life-Support Systems for long-duration manned space and terrestrial applications. The mission and operations of the former center are described in accompanying documents. The Center was disbanded in November of 1995. More information about the NSCORT Program at that time also is available. A few resources are maintained on this website, as well as a historical record of the center. More information about the website's history is available.

CELSS Bibliography with over 2200 citations comprehensive to 1995. The bibliography includes older government documents, proceedings, foreign literature, and technical reports that may not be found in current online bibliographic databases.

Essays about CELSS systems concepts from early 1990's written for a general audience:
Controlled Environment Agriculture
CELSS Food Science and Nutrition
Waste Management and Resource Recovery
Schematic Representation of a CELSS

Image gallery of the people and research of the NSCORT 1990-1995.

The Purdue CELSS LISTSERV is defunct.

The CELSS-L mailing list has been disbanded.

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