CELSS Bibliography

This bibliographic database was created and placed on-line to assist researchers and students in the area of Bioregenerative Life Support. The bibliography contains over 2200 CELSS references through 1995. Many of these are government documents, proceedings papers, foreign literature, and technical reports that may not appear in current online bibliographic databases.

The bibliography has been divided into eight categories. Each file is alphabetized by the first author's last name. The complete bibliography can be downloaded as well.

Complete Bibliographic Database. This file contains all of the references found in the eight subject categories.

Plant Biomass Production. This file covers higher plant biomass production, including growth conditions, stress physiology, some test-beds, plant nutrition, and plant physiology.

Animal Support and Production. This file covers human nutrition, psychology, space medicine, and toxicology, and references on the growth of other heterotrophs.

Microbial Production. This file covers microbiological aspects including algae, cyanobacteria, biofilms, some pathogens, and some bioreactors.

Waste Management and Resource Recovery. This file covers all aspects of waste recycling, including air revitalization, water recycling, and contaminant removal technologies.

Systems Modeling, Simulation and Control. This file covers areas of mathematical and computer modeling and simulation, and issues and technologies of control systems. Some material of this kind may be found in other files specific to each area.

Engineering Parameters and Construction. This file generally covers engineering and design constraint-oriented materials, including thermal control and space construction technologies.

General Reading and Overviews. This file contains references to more general articles, multiple author volumes, some test-beds, and other overviews.

Other Related Materials. This file is an olio of citations that didn't get assigned to the other categories.

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Special thanks to Charlotte Erdmann, Mel Averner, and Peter Eckart for providing useful documents during the development of this bibliography.