Creating Webservers on the Internet to Advance CELSS Research

Mark A. Schneegurt, Ph.D. and Vincent R. Koser, A.A.S.

Effective integration of CELSS design concepts depends on the transfer of research results from studies performed in several disciplines and at many locations to all members of the CELSS community. Some of these results appear in sources outside the mainstream scientific journals and are often difficult to acquire. The Internet offers a way to make these research results more accessible. The NSCORT in Bioregenerative Life Support at Purdue University has created a webserver on the Internet that provides information about the Purdue NSCORT, the NSCORT program, and CELSS design and development. Other CELSS-related webservers are needed and a tutorial on webserver development is presented here. The Purdue NSCORT webserver is discussed in relation to other CELSS-related Internet projects. Future applications of the Internet in promoting CELSS research also are discussed.

Keywords: CELSS, Internet, NSCORT, World Wide Web

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