About This Website

The Purdue NSCORT originally went on-line in 1993 as a LISTSERV, an email-based fileserver. Several files of general interest about the research groups at the NSCORT were housed on the mainframe computers at Purdue University. Associated with the LISTSERV was CELSS-L, a mailing list/discussion group to be used by CELSS researchers and the NSCORT as a forum for CELSS issues.

With the creation of the web in 1993, the Purdue NSCORT "built a homestead on the electronic frontier." The earliest versions were called "the Mosaic site" since that was a major browser of the time. This was back when Yahoo was in its infancy and the nightly news was not even mentioning the web. The general public was not online and the Internet was a much different place. The Purdue NSCORT website was one of the first 250,000 sites on the web. The development of the site was discussed in an invited paper: M. A. Schneegurt and V. R. Koser (1995) Creating webservers on the Internet to advance CELSS research. Life Support and Biosphere Science 2:71-9. (abstract available)

The Purdue NSCORT was disbanded in 1995. The NSCORT webserver was reformatted into an archival site. In 1998, the site was revised and some additional files and links were added to reduce the number of email requests. At that time, it was estimated that the site had been visited by well over 50,000 different machines. Visitors had come from some 60 countries. The site was updated again in 2000. At this time, the original CELSS LISTSERV was taken off-line and the files were migrated to a LISTSERV archive on this website. Minor revisions were made in 2002 and links were updated. In 2004, the entire website was migrated to another Purdue webserver, although the original URL is still active. Nearly all external links were removed to reduce the need for further updating of the archive. The website has been mothballed since 2004. Minor revisions were made in 2010.

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