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(updated 7 October 2002)

News Items

Genome Update
It takes a community to annotate a genome: Annotation of cyanobacterial genomes by us all (7 October 2002)
Free software available to display cyanobacterial genomic sequences (7 October 2002)
Synechococcus PCC 7942 sequencing project tries novel approach (7 October 2002)
Genome of thermophile Thermosynechococcus elongotus completely sequenced (7 October 2002)
Cyanobacterial Genome Projects (revised 28 September 2002)
Growth of unicellular cyanobacteria in absence of oxygen (posted 26 December 2001)
Looking at home for extraterrestrials (Antarctic Astrobiology Project) (posted 25 October 2001)
Unicellular cyanobacteria and N2 fixation in the ocean (posted 17 October 2001)
Hydrotactic-like movement by desert cyanobacteria (posted 17 October 2001)
Anabaena genome sequence completed (revised 12 October 2001)
Meeting Reports
5th European Workshop on the Molecular Biology of Cyanobacteria (2002) (posted 18 July 2002)

(Note: Meeting reports, by necessity, cannot be exhaustive. To retain one's sanity, a reporter must put aside the natural inclination to pay respect to everyone's contribution and instead focus on a few presentations of personal interest. Many other presentations deserving of notice are therefore left unmentioned.)