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(updated January 1999)

News Items

Structure of cyano drug showcased
Plasmid that facilitates conjugation described

First gene of cyanophycin metabolism cloned
Specifity of association of Nostocs in lichens
Phormidium flees fearsome foe
Dramatic intervention saves community from Microcystin bloom

Meeting Reports  

Vth International Conference on the Molecular Biology of Hydrogenases

Commentary (updated 22 January 1999)

IXth International Symposium on Phototrophic Prokaryotes  

Commentary (updated 13 August 1998)  

(Note: Meeting reports, by necessity, cannot be exhaustive. To retain one's sanity, a reporter must put aside the natural inclination to pay respect to everyone's contribution and instead focus on a few presentations of personal interest. Many other presentations deserving of notice are therefore left unmentioned.)