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Meeting Report
International Symposium on Photosynthetic Prokaryotes

The flower of cyanobacteriology (and others) descended on Vienna, Austria 6-12 September 1997 for the IXth International Symposium on Phototrophic Prokaryotes. They were met by a variety of interesting presentations and, one night, a forest of bowling pins larger than some of the participants. By the end, the U.S. team had emerged victorious in bowling, and all had come out ahead in science. Our memories must suffice until the next ISPP meeting in Barcelona in the year 2000.

To aid in those memories, several participants have put together their own reminisces of a few themes that struck them:

ABC transporters

Hydrogenase: Is it relevant for electron flow?
Mobile electron carriers
Signal transduction through PII protein
Heterocyst differentiation

U.S. team